Why Isco Rarely Play, Solari?

Since the arrival of Santiago Solari at Real Madrid, Isco Alarcon has little chance to play. Solari gives an indication of the problem that makes Isco rarely appear.

Since Madrid have been handled by Solari, Isco has very few opportunities to play. So far he has only appeared 16 times with 528 minutes in the field.

This means that the average 26-year midfielder is only 33 minutes in action in the field. This number is down considerably compared to the Zinedine Zidane era.

Under Zidane's direction, Isco performed 114 times with a total playing time of 6,524 minutes. So that on average Isco plays 57 minutes.

Because of his frustration with this situation, Isco recently disobeyed the team bus when Madrid hosted Ajax. He then apologized to his teammates for the action.
Solari also revealed the reason behind his decision to rarely play Isco.

"The disciplinary issue (reluctant to take the team bus) is handled internally. To play, you must be in the right physical condition, then you are able to take care of it," Solari said.

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