Round I: Chelsea vs Wolves Are Still Strong

London - Chelsea host Wolverhampton Wanderers in the Premier League. The Blues dominated the first half, but the final score remained 0-0 until halftime.

Compete at Stamford Bridge on Sunday (03/10/2019) night WIB, Chelsea immediately took control of the game at the beginning of the first round. Short passes are made by the Blues to dictate opponents.

Despite dominating the game, Chelsea could only release his first shot in the 18th minute. It was Gonzalo Higuain who opened fire from the right side of the penalty box, but the ball could still be pushed over by Rui Patricio.

Higuain again threatened in the 25th minute. The Argentine's header was still slightly wide of the goal after grabbing Pedro's cross.
Wolves have not made a dangerous attack during the game running 30 minutes. The visiting team is just holding out while waiting for a moment of counterattack.

Mastery of the ball continues to be dominated by Chelsea. However, more balls are circling in the Wolves region without any significant threat.

Chelsea failed to steal the advantage in the first round despite having 77 percent possession. The glasses score lasted until halftime.

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