English League results: Liverpool over Burnley 4-2

 Liverpool earned three points when entertaining Burnley, despite being left behind first. Two goals from Sadio Mane and Roberto Firmino helped Liverpool win 4-2.

Entertaining Burnley at Anfield on Sunday (03/10/2019) night WIB, Liverpool was struck by Burnley's quick goal through Ashley Westwood. From a corner kick, Westwood's shot leads directly to the goal and becomes a goal.

Liverpool responded in the 19th minute through Firmino, then turned ahead through Mane ten minutes later. The first half ended 2-1 to excel 'The Red'.

Firmino widened the difference in the 67th minute. Burnley then turned on hope through Johann Berg Gudmundsson in the 91st minute, who replied to Liverpool through Mane two minutes later.

With this victory, Liverpool again stuck to Manchester City at the top of the standings. Collecting 73 points from 30 matches, Liverpool are just one point behind City.

While Burnley is in position 17 with 30 points.

Liverpool immediately pushed through Adam Lallana's puncture in the fourth minute. His cross was targeted at Roberto Firmino, but was cut by Tom Heaton.

Burnley scored in the sixth minute. Getting a corner, Ashley Westwood curled a shot straight into the goal.

Alisson Becker protested strongly to the referee because he felt James Tarkowski was holding his body when he was about to jump. The referee held him up with a yellow card.

A quick Liverpool attack in the 14th minute had a chance. Mohamed Salah's pass was received by Firmino and tried to finish with a shot, but hit Tarkowski and ended narrowly above the goal.

Five minutes later, Liverpool equalized. Salah made a one-two pass with Georginio Wijnaldum on the right and fired a horizontal cross.

Heaton tried to cut the bait, but the ball was released after his efforts disrupted Tarkowski's feet. The ball rolled in the direction of Firmino and was easily struck on goal.

A kick from Trent Alexander-Arnold still soared in the 24th minute. Five minutes away, Liverpool turned superior.

At first Adam Lallana blocked the sweep of the Burnley player in front of the penalty box and the ball went to Salah in front of the goal. Incorrect attempts to grab it towards the goal are then thwarted by an accurate tackle.

The next ball rolled wildly towards Sadio Mane and finished with a shot into the right corner of the goal.

Another opportunity for Liverpool in the 31st minute. False grabbed Firmino's pass and still ended thin on the right of the goal.

Liverpool control the match in the remainder of the first half. But there were no other meaningful opportunities until this period was completed.

Salah released a curling strike aimed at the top left corner of the Burnley goal in the 51st minute. Still wide.

Burnley threatened again seven minutes later. Jack Cork's kick is still right in the direction of Alisson.

Liverpool widened the advantage in the 67th minute. Heaton made a mistake while making a goal kick, where the ball fell in the direction of Salah.

One dribbled the ball close to the goal but was then tackled by defender Burnley. The ball rolled wildly until Firmino picked up and was slammed into the goal.

Liverpool wasted a good opportunity in the 82nd minute. Alexander-Arnold was freed on the right and sent a horizontal cross. Mane without escaping in front of the goal, but the ball just hit the crossbar and bounced out.

Wrong turn to get a chance six minutes later. Sontekannya welcome Mane bait can be thwarted by Heaton.

In the first minute of injury time, Burnley narrowed the gap with a shot from Johann Berg Gudmundsson. But Liverpool again widened the distance two minutes later.

Diagonal breakthrough bait from Sturridge on the right was received by Mane who then passed Heaton. He easily put the ball into an empty goal.

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